Landing at Yoox and popcorn tonight...

I'm pleased to announce

Time really flies. I feel like I know how mama birds feel when her babies fly out of the nest. Happy and proud, that is. Some of my products have flown out of the nest here at Patricia Nicolas Jewellery, and have landed at! 

This is our third time working together, the products might not be there forever, so check it out soon. Also, Yoox is a really cool online store, so you should check it out if you're up for wasting a few hours online while eating popcorn tonight. I know I will.  

tick tock, tick tock! 

China Adventures PART 2

The Arrival 

Part. 2

入乡随俗(rù xiāng suí sú)
*When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Just like to my last trip to China 8 years ago, I was picked up from the airport in Shanghai by my friend Benson's adorable chauffeur Mr. Lu. 

I spent three days in Shanghai where I visited the market in Taikanglu, had delicious cocktails with friends in Barabarrosa and stared at the amazing view over the city, drooled over the mansions in the French Concession and shopped at the Kerry Center in Nanjing Lu. (If you guys are ever in Shanghai, these are the four places you MUST visit, you won't regret it!)

I am wearing Trench coat and boots from Burberry, blouse Zara.

My Instagram and Facebook doesn't work in China without a VPN, which has left me wondering what the Chinese do on the toilet to keep themselves entertained, I'm sure they don't just sit there like everyone did in the 90's. So passé! Jokes aside, there is a crazy amount of censoring in China, I heard that even the word censor is censored

Chinese Proverb: A smile will gain you ten more years of life. 

Next up PART 3: Bejing! 


China Adventures PART 1

Just Come Visit Already! 

- Said my friend, so I got on a plane and headed to China, to learn more about the culture, food, communistic restrictions, and of course to visit old friends…!

In these upcoming blog posts, I’m going to tell you about each trip I took in China, and give you all the juicy details and cool facts about China. Right now, I'm sitting at an Italian cafe called Inno in The Bund in Shanghai thinking about the 6 trips I have taken. I've visited Shanghai, Macau, Dongguang, Shenzheng, Beijing, and Hong Kong which I will elaborate on more in later posts. Every place I've gone has had different cultures, people and landscapes - the diversity is fabulous! 

After a few weeks here, what do I think about China?

THE BIGGEST SHOCK: What has surprised me the most is how poverty and wealth are present at the same time and same place. In one building, you can find a rich single man in a one room apartment, but across the hall you can also see three families living in poverty in a one room apartment. The contrast is shocking and mind boggling. 

THE POLLUTION: Have you ever wondered what the sky would look like, if it was yellow? Then go to Shanghai, because the sky is yellow here. It's as a result of pollution from the factories that the sky is neither blue nor grey, it gives you a very strange cramped feeling, almost like there is no air. A large percentage of the pollution in San Francisco comes from China, the pollution issue here is far from a joke.

Fun fact: Lu means street in Chinese. 

I am wearing red jumper from Uniq Lo, sun glasses from Tickang Lu market in Shanghai and coat from Dries Van Noten at Dover Street Market.

To be continued...Part 2: The Arrival


How-To Thursday

How to Survive the Easter Holidays

Just DIY it. 

Yet another holiday is emerging giving us time to sleep in, eat good food and spend time with our families. Although this sounds amazing, (and it is) there are always difficulties during the holidays. Time to start preparing, here are some tips for a better Easter Holiday! 

1. Mother-in-law Problems: buy her the “Coco Shell” necklace from the Bomb Shell Collection. 
2. Too much food: drink 0.5L of water before every meal. 
3. Avoiding Diabetes Chocolate Eggs: tell yourself its rabbit poop.
4. Waking up early in the morning: life is work, deal with it. 
5. Ideal Easter Snack: Carrots for the easter bunny, and wine for Jesus.

This is assuming you're not doing the cooking, now THAT is another story.
Happy Easter (almost) to you all! 



Preparing for Summer

"Blue birds can’t see the color blue!"

You might feel done, you might be sick and tired, but don’t give up yet! Mr.Sun is finally starting to show off his thick muscle rays of light, I for one couldn’t be more excited. Summer is finally (or barely?) close enough for it to be socially acceptable to start planning your summer holiday, book cheap flights and shop for the perfect cocktail outfit! After statistical analyzation or flipping through Vogue, I’m placing my bet on BLUE as the it-colour. Why do you ask? Well, I'm really digging blue right now, it just feels right. Bellow you’ll find a list of how to make your summer more blue!

BLUE JEWELLERY: Patricia Nicolás, Art Deco Blue tear Eye with Stones
BLUE KITCHENWARE: Alessi, Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew
BLUE FRAGRANCE: Elie Saab, Le Perfum de Toilette Resort Collection
BLUE SHADES: House of Holland, Brow Beater Blue 
BLUE STONE: Aura Quartz Geode
BLUE HEAD-WEAR: Marc Jacobs FW08
BLUE MAKE-UP: Joey Tribbiani's ichiban, lipstick for men.
BLUE DESIGNER GOODS: DvF spring collection 2015
BLUE INSPIRATION: Valentino & Miu Miu 
BLUE IPHONE CLOTHING: Markus Lupfer Iphone Case Banana Print
BLUE STICKER: Anya Hindmarch, Metallic textured leather adhesive sticker

DON'T act blue, THINK blue! 
 I'll leave you with a fun fact, “blue birds can’t see the colour blue”, such a pity since the blue bird is the animal kingdoms version of Beyonce (crazy fabulous). It’s like Ryan Gosling believing he's the elephant man when he looks in the mirror. 


Girl Power with Clara Courel!

Dress Up and Childish Fun 

Projects, Treasures, Bomb Shell, and Dress-up

“I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question.” - Spock

Clara lives in an art gallery she calls her apartment, in Madrid. She was curious to see my new collection Bomb Shell, and discuss future projects so I left with a trunk full of jewellery and headed her way. I showed her my pieces from For Your Eyes Only and Bomb Shell, she bought a few pieces, one of them which she will wear to an appearance tonight at the AD party!

The fashionista has an impressive CV including, former fashion news editor for ELLE, currently the MBFW Madrid correspondent, writes for  periodico La Razon, and is an all-round fashion writer, but she's not the fashion diva, or business woman you might be imagining. No, she has the charming flair of an innocent girl, making her a pleasure to hang about. Her child-like love for life, and energy is intoxicating - you're ensured a blast with her!

( I am wearing a Loewe bag, Jimmy Choo boots, blouse from Zara and leggings from American Apparel, and my new Bombshell Crab earrings)

But let's focus on what's really important, Clara's apartment. Her boyfriend  and friend of mine Hugo Portuondo owns the art gallery Portuondo with his brother Diego in 90-92 Pimlico Road, London hence the art gallery vibe in the couple's apartment, and the walls are covered in art pieces, and photographs taken by Hugo's brother, Diego.

Every corner has a different theme with the most wonderful treasures from dolls (one of them a Chanel doll, with the same outfit as me!), to souvenirs and art pieces.

One of my favourite items was a framed picture of planet of the apes. Don't you just love the unorthodox idea of that? 

Her walk-in closet is just as fabulous as the rest of her apartment. It was like waling into a high fashion boutique, mixed with a Halloween costume store. Looking though her closet I felt like a 9 years old drooling over a pink princess dress. Except I'm not 9 anymore, and it wasn't a pink princess dress, but a pair of Jimmy Choo's! Clara truly is one of the most nice and kind people I've met, and I'm not only saying this because I got to borrow the shoes for the photo shoot. Thank you Clara!

A fun fact I learned about her, is that she loves Spock. Yes, Spock as in Startreck. A trekkie at heart, she has a special corner for her Startreck memorabilia, including a Spock doll, Spock costume and a framed picture of none other than Spock. Unfortunately Leonard Nemoy, who played Spock, passed away the 15th of February this year, a great loss for all man and vulcans (Startreck joke).

Thank you Clara for your hospitality, you're the best treasure in your apartment! 

Live Long and Prosper, Clara!

NEW PROJECT Coming soon: Courel Game.