The 19th of January I traveled on an YSL trip for for the event “YSL LOVES YOUR LIPS” as one of the spanish influencers to represent the brand in London. 

I lodged in a fabulous hotel called the Ham Yard in Soho, which just like the neighborhood itself, full of culture, as the beautiful décor was covered in all types of marvelous artistic expressions ( my favorite ! ) . Naturally the first thing I did was taking photos,and nap in the beautiful room they put up for me. :)

The event took place in Shoreditch, East London and touches ground with some of the chicest bohemian looking individuals you’ll ever meet. I just moved from the area so going back I felt like my East-Londoner self again.

The venue resembled a warehouse club from the 70's, very Andy Warhol. It was full of beautiful and interesting individuals, one of them, my “plus one” and best friend Inga, who lives there. It was so nice to touch base with all my old friends, it's like they say, the people make the place!

They began the events presentation by filming Cara Delevingne exiting her car and walking into the building, and up on the stage. She looked a little uneasy with everyone watching her, but then again, who likes public speaking, I know I don't. ( really...don't …)  I had the pleasure of meeting the Delevingne sisters in person. Poppy I met a few times, but this was my first interaction with Cara. The first meet did not disappoint, she was full of positive energy, which was enhanced upon her capturing my scarf. The fox fur isn’t only fashionable; it’s also Cara bait, who knew? My scarf was a big hit. As I mingled it was passed around, making them feel fabulous and they looked it, too. 

Amongst these were my friends Henry Conway, fashion writer and the Topman Ambassador, photographer Alistair Grant, model Edie Campbell and Bip Ling, the DJ, and blogger. 

I had the pleasure of remaining most of the party in the VIP section, and followed the exciting event by going to the exclusive club Chiltern Firehouse, where you’ll find the most interesting A-lister’s, it’s quite the show!
 My first day ended at 6 am, proving YSL a hell of a party planner.

The Second day in London, I went to the YSL Beauty presentation in Knighstbridge, and a make-up artist gave me the YSL look, using the products they had displayed the night before. It removed all traces of the previous night, and that was essential. :) 

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to my host, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty whom provided for an unforgettable weekend filled with bohemians, celebrities, dancing, and of course, make-up!

The event took place in Shoreditch , East London. 

It took place in a inspired Andy Warhol warehouse club from the 70's.

My friend Inga and I at the door of the event. 

I spilled champagne and danced with Cara Delevingne.

Inga and photographer Alistair Grant.

  Henry Conway, fashion writer and Topman Embassador 

Dancing with my friend and artist Bip Ling, famous blogger and DJ from UK.

Inga wore a Versace dress and a belt from Mango. I  was wearing a short velvet dress from Zara, and Prada shoes.

Next day at the YSL beaute training presentation
and a make-up artist gave me the YSL look!

My favorite product was the  CC cream by YSL, which visibly corrects 
the appearance of skin tone irregularities immediately 
and all the new metallic gradient eye palette inspired by the 60's disco nights.

The hotel I stayed in, The new Ham Yard in Soho.

The healthy brunch.

See you soon,

Did You Steal the Internet? NEW WIFI Jewellery

For decades communication has taken a verbal form or a handwritten route. A new revolutionary type of communication has begun taking place. Messaging through router names. It is an excellent way to passive aggressively let your neighbours know that you hate them, they’re too noisy, or to stop stealing your internet. 
Good internet connection is like winning the lottery. Sharing will lead to your downfall, and you will have nothing. What you can however share, are these WIFI pieces newly designed by Patricia! Here are some names for your WIFI pieces, or router in case you want others to back off, or bring wine...:

1)  Wireless Virus  
2)    I can see you naked. 
3)    Take my wi-fi, please.
4)    FBI Surveillance van #69
5)    It hurts when IP ( I pee…)
6)    Finally found a lasting connection, we’re exclusive.
7)    Wifi for Wine, apt. 5


"You Don't Have To Be A Princess"    
TIP 2: Combine fur with casual items.

This is the second look for the Vogue fur challenge! As I mentioned in my last post, it’s sometimes difficult to know HOW to wear your fur scarf, the must-have item this winter. But keep calm, help is on its way!
So in my second look I’m wearing a t-shirt - dress from Moschino and my fur scarf. My tip today is, be simple. Now, you might look at the picture and think that is NOT simple. But I’m going to tell you why it is. It’s a simple t-shirt dress, and I’m wearing a scarf with it. You don’t have to be wearing 20cm heels and a tiara to wear a fur scarf, you look like royalty anyways, yeah!

Stay in tune for day 3! 


Day 1

"Coming out of the Closet"
TIP 1: Clashing items is a do!

This year I decided to expand my selection of items and design a fur scarf. So I did!
I’m super happy that people seem to like it as much as I do myself, especially since the scarves bring so much color and happiness to the darkness of winter. However, I have gotten inquiries about HOW to wear my scarf.

When wearing a fur scarf in general, I don’t want to look like a 75 year old maiden, neither do I want to be projected as a street walker or a frivolous new money brat (don’t judge, we’re all thinking it). So why did you buy one? It’s an investment, you say, and I agree. You’ll be able to wear it forever, it will never go out of style. Therefore, I am going to give you 8 tips on how to wear a fur scarf, be it a colorful one like mine, or a classic one toned scarf.The first step is take it out of the closet, it’s been in there for long enough! Let it breathe fresh air, and live life to the fullest. Be daring, clash the patterns. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, listen to Nike and just do it. I promise you won’t regret it. Clashing a classic scarf with a free-spirited dress works just as well with a scarf with some free spirit, itself. Get into that closet and get out all your clashing clothes!

In the picture of the photo shoot I’m wearing my green for fur scarf with a dress from Topshop, Miu Miu ankle boots and a necklace from my collection ¨For your eyes only. 

Stay in tune for day 2! 

Appearance in Vogue Online
The craziest Photo Shoot! 

Dear readers,

Vogue España has displayed my photo shoot with them on the cover of their website. Collaborating with Vogue is always great fun, and I'd like to give them many thanks! Keep a look out for my up and coming blog posts about my secret project with Vogue...

Insider Information: Fox Fur Scarves is the key word.